We wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAY!

Come back rested, happy and with new enthusiasm!

See you at school!

On June 26th grade ,,0” children paid a visit to the Museum of the Palace of King John III in Wilanów.     The children took part in workshops. They visited various chambers of the palace and learned about facts from the life of the royal family. Then they had a picnic in the royal gardens. The children participated in play in the open air organized by the animators. They returned full of new impressions and experience.

It’s hard to believe that the school year has come to the end. So much had happened. It is time to summarize the period of fun and learning, to reward our students’ educational success. The children prepared a show  for this occasion. The scenario of the show included the following slogans: School is friends, School is celebration, School is fun, Summer is coming, each one described by a song, poem or dance. Children received diplomas and surprises.  Afterwards we were enjoying a feast together.

On June 23rd children’s dads visited our Preschool. The children wanted to solemnly celebrate this event. They presented poems, songs and film  specially prepared for the occasion. The children gave their dads self-made surprises. Fun and games with dads were the opportunity for great joy and laughter.

On the occasion of Children's Day in our school Family Picnic was held under the theme "The International Day".  Each class was asked to present one of the selected English-speaking countries. Our Preschool presented South Africa.  At our booth you could taste dried bananas, red tea, cakes and also make necklace out of "edible ivory". The stand was decorated with the children’s works and various African objects and instruments.

In a special preschool area, all guests were able to relax on sun loungers under the palm trees,  fish,  color, hit the designated target.

During the event, each class prepared a brief show. There were matches between parents and teachers. You could taste grilled sausages, candy floss  and other tasty dishes from different parts of the world. Our picnic lottery was a success.

This was a real memorable event.

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